Missing my usual Monday post? I’m on the road, chasing down some history.

I’ve gone out in search of some TN Women’s history to write about, very much enjoying finding new leads and seeing things first hand. Others may have already written about some of these things, but I’m thrilled to be out here seeing them for myself, making my own discoveries, and hope you will enjoy hearing about my travels when I get back.

Here’s a few things I’m working on this week while I’m away:

  • I tracked down my first 2 DMA Walls for Women Murals ( I aim to see them all)
  • I’m working on an authentic She, She, She Camp theater production with a friend of mine
  • I discovered one of the 10 WPA post office murals in TN created by women
  • I’ve stayed in a WPA cabin perched on a ridgetop for inspiration
  • I’ve hiked along a CCC project lake, and to a waterfall overlook with a TVA powerhouse view
  • I checked two more of TN State Parks off my list 12/56
  • I discovered more Depression Era structures and stories to take me in even more directions

I’ll have so much to tell you about when I return to the land of reliable internet, but I didn’t want you to think I’ve forgotten you. Have a great week, and maybe I’ll see you out there.

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