Hi there! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but if there’s one thing the New Deal era had plenty of, it’s acronyms! It seems like there is one for everything! I thought it might be helpful to corral them all in one place, so I hope this helps you sort them out. If you notice I’ve used one in a post that isn’t on this list, let me know, and I’ll be sure to update it. Thanks!

  • AAA– Agriculture Adjustment Administration (New Deal farm relief)
  • ACWA– Amalgamated Clothing Workers of American (textiles workers’ union)
  • AFS– American Friends Service (Quaker aid society)
  • AP– Associated Press (major news service)
  • CBT– Chicago Board of Trade
  • CCC– Civilian Conservation Corps
  • FAP– Federal Art Project
  • FERA– Federal Emergency Relief Administration
  • NIRA– National Industry Recovery Act (New Deal industry relief)
  • NRA– National Recovery Administration
  • NWTUL– National Women’s Trade Union League
  • NYA– National Youth Administration (part of WPA)
  • NYSE– New York Stock Exchange
  • RFC– Reconstruction Finance Corporation (Hoover-era bank relief)
  • SCS– Soil Conservation Service
  • UMW– United Mine Workers of America (coal miners’ union)
  • WPA– Works Progress Administration